Dr. Lambert,
Praise the Lord!!! I finally got approved for Social Security Disability. I didn't even have to testify they FINALLY approved me based on the AWESOME questionnaire and office notes that you wrote for me. Thank you for all your support through this situation as well as being an incredible podiatrist and providing so much innovative care for me in all my "abnormal/weird" situations. When I thanked B.V., he said you don't need to thank me you need to thank Dr. Lambert and Dr. Z (my primary). I have been so blessed to have found you as a podiatrist and such a wonderful staff that you have. Please let Peggy, Dean, and Cynthia know how much I appreciate their care. I will continue to use your services if needed and will refer anyone to you-I have already told many of my doctors about you. 

Dear Dr Lambert,
My sister and I wish to thank you and your entire staff for the care, attention to detail, understanding, patience and dignity shown to our mother. 

We sincerely thank you for the kind expression of sympathy card signed by all members of your staff. One of your nurses was a classmate of ours at Escambia High School and has known mother for a long time. Your patience with her during the two or three times we accompanied her to treatment was superb. As you know, after falling on February 14, 2015, she underwent a partial hip replacement, dislocated it a week later, and after that was repaired she unfortunately dislocated it a second time. Pneumonia and a bacterial infection ultimately led to her passing on March 28, 2015 at the Covenant Hospice located at West Florida Hospital.
At 93 years of age, she had a wonderful life and once again my sister and I thank you and your staff for all the services provided her over the past few years. 

I would just like to pass on the fact that after 2 months of trying things to resolve a painful ankle issue that I now have hope and clarity to the real problems that I was facing. Dr. Lambert and his wonderful assistant made me feel smart and capable. They took the time to really look at my ankle and they listened to me. I left there with an amazing feeling and believe that I have now seen the right person for my pain. Thank you to Dr. Lambert and all his staff. You are all real people and for that I am so grateful. You are a foot God!!!


Dr. Lambert,
I couldn't have said it better than K did.

I, too, appreciated your phone call after I had my foot surgery - a comforting touch as we waited to see how the recovery would go. 

I've been going to Dr. Lambert for ankle problems for several years now. There is a little bit of a wait, and the office is chilly, but that's to be expected from a professional doctor's office.
Once in a room, the staff is very polite and professional, going out of their way at times to make sure that I'm comfortable and pleased while I'm waiting for the doctor and being treated. For instance, I had to receive a shot at one of my visits, and (by my own quirks) freak out unless I'm biting on gum or something. The nurse tending me went and got gum from one of the front office ladies for me. That is truly excellent service!
Dr. Lambert is friendly and knowledgeable about his expertise. He asks many questions, and listens carefully to what you answer, and what you have to say. He offered me many creative, yet conservative, options when it came to treatment, and all of the treatments I have received have been successful. As an athlete, I was concerned with being healed as quickly as possible to be back in the water as soon as possible. Dr. Lambert understood this, and while informing me that good treatments that lead to excellent results take time, worked with me to find a solution to my problems that could be as efficient as possible.

When checking out, the front office staff is friendly and helpful. They work with me and my schedule to make appointments that are convenient for me, and are discreet with my balance.

Overall, the office is clean and welcoming, and the service is truly outstanding.


Dr. Mark Lambert & his staff are the best!


Dr. Lambert is excellent. So happy he was able to fix my husband's problems that he suffered with for years. My husband's surgery was virtually pain free! Kudos to the staff too!


Dr Lambert and his staff are very very nice! They treat you very good. After I had my surgery Dr Lambert called to check on me and that's the first time I've ever had a Dr. call like that! Dr Lambert you ROCK! And my foot feels awesome


Dr. Lambert is an wonderful podiatrist. I definitely will recommend him for any type podiatry needs..


No one better! Great Dr and caring staff!


Dr. Lambert, 
I appreciate the great job you did on my foot. It was a great experience for me. 
Thanks a Million! 


There really is a truly caring doctor here. His name is Dr. Mark Lambert. I had the pleasure of meeting him and his wife at a local restaurant. I say I was at the right place, right time. Little did he know that I was in desperate need of a foot doctor. I was in terrible pain and at the time had no idea he was a doctor.

As we were talking, I found out he is a doctor, and his demeanor came out. I could feel the warmth and care in his voice. He was so sincere when he told me to bring him my x-rays so he could see how he could help me.

I showed him my x-rays on Saturday, my first appointment was Monday, and my surgery was a week later. With my past experience things like this never moved that quickly, nor have I ever received a phone call after surgery to see how I was doing. Dr. Lambert did just that.

I want to personally thank Dr. Lambert for all he has done for me. He is truly a doctor who does care for his patients.

K. L.

Dr. Lambert and his staff are the best! If you have a foot or ankle problem run, walk, or hobble as I did to see them! Due to the failure of another Dr. to treat me for a year I was a breath away from completely tearing my Achilles tendon. I'm so thankful to finally having my long term foot issues being addressed!

S. K.

Dr. Lambert is a great surgeon whom I have had the privilege to work with and recommend to our patients. He and Dr. Brooks have worked on surgical cases together and have great respect for one another

K. M.

Dr. Lambert is a very pleasant guy to work with and has played an integral part in helping me succeed and grow in my career.

M. H.

I can recommend Dr. Mark without hesitation. In addition to being an outstanding doctor, he is genuinely interested in the needs of his patients and is one of the most caring people I have ever had the privilege of knowing

P. H.

Mark is one of the most dedicated surgeons with whom I have ever worked. His demand for detail and perfection is admirable. He has dedication and compassion for his patients and the residents of NW Florida. He has proven over the years to the consummate professional and physician of the highest quality.

P. H.

Dr. Lambert was an outstanding Podiatric Resident at the VA Medical Center, Huntington, WV where I was the Chief of Podiatry and the Director of the Podiatric Residency Program. He was well liked by his colleagues and his patients and was a real asset to the hospital.


I have known Mark for many years. He is an ethical, well liked, very competent podiatric physician. I recommend him without reservation.

B. G.

At 82 years old I thank Dr. Mark Lambert for the health I sustain, especially in my feet and legs. Because of his alertness and extensive knowledge of medicine even beyond his own practice, he was able to refer me to other specialists whose actions averted knee operations and restored normal function. In addition, he recognized incipient signs of peripheral neuropathy and again initiated actions which have resulted in my avoiding any deleterious effects to date. In particular the interest shown to his patients goes beyond the calls of professional correctness. His demeanor and sincere regard have also contributed to my well-being and, about as important, feeling of well-being. Waiting room protocols and overall punctuality are characterized by concern for the comfort for the patient. Dr. Lambert's creativity is evident in his treatment, applied technology and in the results that I have enjoyed. I appreciate this opportunity to give testimony to the fine stewardship of Dr. Lambert and attest to the excellent health care that he has provided to me and my family.

O. S.

Dr. Mark Lambert is a great DR who cares about his patient's. He is a very hard worker and, gets the job done. I enjoyed working with him. I am sure he has grown along with his practice.

T. G.